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Worming cat

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Sorry if this has come up before. How do you worm your cat. I was going to use spot on, but read these are only for tape worm. I got some drontal. Dee Dee is such an old frail thing, the thought of pinning her down and shoving it down her throat doesn't seem right. I believe she's had depression for the last year after her owner died. She's just started coming out of her shell and talking and asking for cuddles. Don't wat to upset her, it's bad enough clipping her nails

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Does she go out?


My iPoes doesn't get out at all and turned out to have a bad reaction to Milbemax. Vet told me that since she doesn't get out, there was no real need to worm her. So I don't worm her anymore.


I would just contact the vet and ask what the options are. I have used the spot on treatment in my moms cat before, but didn't like it. Fur stayed icky and sticky for a real long time.

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Then I would definitely contact your vet. He/she will be able to advice you. "In the olden days" I have wormed my cat with a paste you mix in with the food, but that has been years ago (and previous cat). Couldn't tell you if that is still a used treatment.

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