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The final Night- My 9 year old Chicken

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The last one of my original chickens (Ella) is on her last legs tonight.Although I feel very sad, she has had an amazingly long and happy life. I got her as a baby and she not only outlived her siblings but their predecessors as well. She is just short of 9 years old and I think for a hybrid that is an amazing age. Infact because she was soo old we thought 3 years ago that she would soon be gone. So unsure whether we wanted to continue to have chooks, left her on her own for 9/10 months, feeling that she was too old to intrigate into a new flock and too old to introduce new hens too. We waited...... Then Deciding that she was on duracell batteries we then decided to get her some company and got 5 new hens which I think made her happy, she took to them really well and they have had a lovely summer together.


Today all of a sudden her comb/ face has gone black she was laying surrounded by the others (unusual) it is like they knew that she was really sick.

I have lifted her and put her in her nest box (her usual place she sleeps) but feel that she will not be with us in the morning. I just wanted to write it down that even though she has had an amazing life I am going to miss her <3 I feel really sad :|

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