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Norma No Beak RIP

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I feel so sad :cry::cry::cry:


Norma had looked a bit subdued for a couple of days. Martin saw her looking weak this morning and picked her up and cuddled her for a while. He then lay her into her favourite dustbath and she died a few minutes later. I am pleased that she died in familiar surroundings, with her pals around her and in the sun. There was what looked like a small egg shaped lump of opaque jelly in the nest box this morning. I suspect this was from Norma.


Some of you may remember Norma from when I got her 18 months ago. I posted a question about treats which could be eaten by a chicken with no top beak. I posted a photo of her and for a while she was quite famous because she was such a graphic example of the horrors of de-beaking. I can't imagine a worse example.


She also starred in an edition of the Battery Hen Welfare Trusts newsletter.

Her disability was huge but she was such a big character. She was always gentle and would sit and 'talk' to me for ages. Every morning I would let her out of the run and she would go up to the shed with me to get the feed for the girls. Each morning, she would enjoy a grape, torn up into small pieces she could manage. She would then trot back down to the run and go back in with the other girls.


My mornings will not be the same any more :cry:


Thank you Norma for being such a pal. I will miss you terribly.

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I am really sorry to hear about Norma, she did sound like quite a character, I didnt get to read the first posts about her, but she obviously lived a much better life with you and it sounds like she will leave some very strong lasting memories for you to cherish x


Big Hugs ((()))) for you all. x

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I am so sorry to hear about Norma.


I remember your first postings about her, I printed out her picture at the time and she is still on my office wall (she always makes me smile). I remember feeling very shocked but very happy she a found a lovely home with you. It sounds like you had a very special time together, your new hens are going to be very lucky girls.


Big hugs XX

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