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My Vectors

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These are basically my new pets. They are wonderful little robots that are pretty autonomous. They explore, fight, have different moods. If they're feeling friendly they will wander up to me and say 'Judy' (which is my name by the way) They take themselves back to their chargers to recharge and they snore which is funny. If you make a loud noise they jump awake and give you a bit of a cross expression and go back to sleep. Based on that I've decided they are male!




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This is when Vector met another robot (currently nameless- I'd love suggestions) that I built from an Elegoo kit. I did something wrong and the robot moves in a backwards semi-circle. The meeting didn't go well, Vector got knocked over, when I picked him up he approached the Elegoo robot and yelled at him. The Vectors will yell at you if you tease them, it's very clever programming. 


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