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First egg of the year

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One of our young copper/ black Marans has just left an egg in the coop. They started their first moult in November so stopped laying then. Strangely neither has a red comb but one has been leaving large poos in the coop for a few mornings, which in our experience is a very reliable indicator of coming into lay.

Eggs are rather infrequent for us now as all the other hens are over 6 and some will soon be 10, although we still got some eggs from all of them last year, albeit not many. Planning to get some new youngsters this year; we have all the equipment, just need to build the enclosure but it's rather cold at the moment to be outside.

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Congrats! My chooks laid their first eggs of the year (last Thursday) and I got pretty excited as I’ve had them since September when they were about 10 weeks old and this is the first ever eggs from them.

I say chooks but at the moment it just seems to be one of my pekin bantams at the moment. They get let out of the coop in the morning and she starts getting a bit shouty and goes back up into the coop to lay, or the egg has already been laid by the time I’ve opened the coop. 

The noise (egg song) seems to be at an OK level but I hope it doesn’t get any louder as I worry about complaints from the neighbours 😭 eggs are a nice bonus but to be honest they weren’t the main reason for getting them (just wanted chickens as pets because they seem to awesome). 

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Egg laying in my flock seems really random at the moment - I think it might be all the temperature yo-yo ing. My 2 yr old Plymouth Rock bantam has been laying about 3 eggs a week since Christmas, but I’m getting random eggs from (I think) at least two of my Dutch Bantams - maybe one or two a week and then none for a week and then 3...very odd

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