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Tessa the Duchess

Chickens cheer you up

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Was feeling very down today. A very good friend of mine was mugged

y.day on the Bristol cycleway as he was mending his chain. The pond life

that did this stole his bike and his money but worse cracked him over the

head, he is in Bristol Infirmary ICU in a coma. He had a brain scan and

it is very very bad, the consultant said if he does survive he has such

massive brain damage he will probably be in a residential care home for

the rest of his life, his son and g.friend are devastated. Anyway I was

sitting in the kichen gloomily watching the chickens when I realised Annie

was missing from the run, I raced down the garden opened the egg port

and there she was sitting on the nesting box. I tiptoed away and watched

closely for when she reappeared, 20 mins later she did, so up the garden

again opened the egg port door and there it was our very first egg!! My DH

and I did the chicken dance all round the kitchen, and we are both in our

sixties! It is a perfect hard shelled egg weighs 37gms. Even when life is

really bad, chickens cheer you up




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oh my goodness Tessa, I am so sorry to hear about your friend. :cry: how awful, and I hope they caught the scum that did it :evil: .


You are quite right though, chickens are a great tonic, I think most pets are in general....they dont ask for much do they? and they give loads in return. Our chickens make us smile and laugh all the time.


Congratulations on your 1st egg and im so sorry it had to come in such sad circumstances.


:pray: for a brighter diagnosis for your friend.



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I just wanted to add my sympathies & good wishes.

A couple of years ago my Mum took a fall down some stairs & suffered a brain bleed, leaving her damaged & she is now in permenant residential care.

So I have been where you are - not knowing what is going to happen & fearing the worst.


Chickens do cheer you up, don't they?

If I am feeling down about Mum & her situation,I pop down to see the hens & chat with them for a while.It always works :)

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Thanks to you all for your kind replies. Sarah I am so so sorry about

what happened to your mum, life can be unfair :( On the upside

my grandson will be having boiled egg (albeit a small one) and

soldiers for his supper, and my three gorgeous girls will have their

fave sunflower hearts as a treat with Annie getting an extra helping 8)


I will keep you posted if anything with my friend changes.



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Hiya Tessa, I am so very sorry to hear about your friend, you will have to keep us updated on how he is,


Glad though you got your first egg, Maybe she knew you were down and knew that you needed cheering up, you will be surprised how sensitive animals can be.


But they are great, i sit and watch mine for hours, i have a bench outside my run where i make my self a cuppa and go and sit out there and chat,

its great, DH thinks i have lost it, but they do talk back to me. :D


Keep your chin up hun, and big hugs coming your way xx

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Again thankyou for all your sympathetic replies. No, no news on

the police investigation, I don't think there is much chance of him (I'm

assuming it's a him) being caught. The money is doubtless spent and

the bike sold. But I do beleive in karma and whoever did this evil

this is going to suffer in one way or another.



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