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Sqawking hen and being generally grumpy!

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Our flock went down to 2 hens so about 4 weeks ago we introduced 2 new ladies. After the usual argy bargy top hen was established and everyone knew their place....or so I thought! This week one of the original hens (who isnt top...think she was number 2) has become awful. She usually makes a song and dance about laying an egg and other than that has been pretty chilled out. But this week she is awful. Everytime one of the new hens walks passed her she goes for them, she bullies them of they are trying to eat. Yesterday one of the new hens was trying to lay but everytime they went into the coop she would chase them out. In the end I closed the coop door so the hen could lay in peace. She has become a bully. She is squawking so much during the day. Just walking around shouting at the top of her voice. She is grumpy. Anyone got any tips? The top hen is just getting on with it and so are the other two (that's when she is leaving them alone). She wasnt like this when the 2 new hens arrived. 


Thanks x 

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Give her a good check over to see if there's any health reason for her grumpiness. Check for lice and mites while you are at it, and check when you last wormed them with Flubenvet.

I would isolate her in a broody cage for 3 days 24/7 and that will bring her down the pecking order. Some Vit Boost tonic in their water will help with stress too.

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Thank you for your replies. Fairly new to hen life and so havent come across a broody hen before. Will have a read up on it! 


Will also give her a once over and pop some tonic in her water.  I do have a spare cage so will look at putting her in that. 


Thank you again.  Wonder if being broody  is the reason and as it has coincided with the new hens, I assumed it was all connected. 

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