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A drafty and light Mk1 cube!

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My ladies have recently upgraded to a Mk1 cube from a Go. It's great condition for its age but there is increased light due to the vents at the side and on the back panel. 

Early morning wake ups have started here and they are more noisy than usual. I have taken to closing their door at night and letting them out at 7. But this morning they were shouting from 6am to be let out. This hasnt ever been a problem with the Go as it was obviously darker for them. 

I have a makeshift range if covers this evening so fingers crossed this helps (I dont mind the noise but am mindful of my poorly neighbour at the moment.) 

Has anyone got any sizing of taupaulin they have used, I know the winter cover for the cube would be a good size but obvs dont want to overheat the chooks! Or something they have adapted to fit? 

Just looking for something that looks a bit neater than the 3 covers I've currently got bungeed on!! 

Hope everyone is managing to stay healthy and well xx 

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The Mk is probably darker inside then the Go as the plastic is thicker.   I wouldn’t recommend covering it as you reduce the ventilation.  I speak from experience as when I first got the cube 12 years ago, I had a Cockerel.  I was paranoid about not upsetting the neighbours so covered the cube with all manner of items to act as a sound barrier.  The result was that they got respiratory infections!

And, when Phillip eventually died, my neighbours complained because they liked to hear him!  So I rescued another. Mine sleep all year in the run and start about 5 as part of the dawn chorus. 

I would relax, if you don’t mind the noise, neither probably will your neighbour.  Give them some eggs.  They are prized in these lockdown times! 

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