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Broody Cage

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Ok, I’ve let her out and she had initial dust bathing session with the girls for a couple of hours then returned to the nest and is also being viper like! She is back in the sin bin. How long do I leave her before I try again? Thank you.

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4 minutes ago, The Dogmother said:

There are some very tenacious broodies this year! I have resorted to doubling up if they are still broody; I wait until those still laying have done their eggs, then shut to cube door so that no-one can get in! They do seem less evil by the end of the day.

Really? Merel is completely on edge at the end of the day and takes it out on poor Babs. I even open the coop half an hour early to give Babs some respite. I do leave a greenhouse cover in the nesting dip, but Merel even broods on the bars... 

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