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An eggy surprise from Gemma

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Yesterday, my lovely Gemma laid her first egg of the year, which I though might not happen bearing in mind how old she is.

She had been hiding in the nest box for quite a lot of the morning so I assumed she was broody and took her out.

She soon went back in and after quite a while laid an egg.

Pretty good for an old girl I think, but then she spent the rest of the day in the nest box, so again I turfed her out and blocked it off.

She was manic for the rest of the day trying to get in the nesting box and in the end I shut the Cube door too.

By bedtime she was quite frantic but when I went to open their door there was a soft shelled egg on the floor.

Do you think she wanted to lay that too ? And maybe wasn't feeling broody after all ?

Today she is quite settled and you wouldn't know she was the same chicken.  

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