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Time and Place?

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ooooh this is a HARD one!!!!


It would have to be either:


1st November 2006- Shropshire Hospital. The day i had seth i was so out of it i cant remember much.


or 5th November 2004 - JFK Airport. The day i moved to NYC ( and my heart never came back. Left it there)


OR: any of the days i spent with my Best friend Nick who passed away.



Sorry! Seth would be the 1st but they would follow.

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I'd go back to November 30th 1997, the day before I had my eldest child. Back then, I spent the day in a rush, getting things ready for the impending arrival, and went out for dinner with good friends, all the time moaning about how long pregnancy was, and how I couldn't wait to have the baby. I'd go back, kick my shoes off, and enjoy my final day with just me and chookiehubbie, appreciate the peace and quiet, and enjoy a final meal, with pleasant chat and no mid-main course phone calls from the baby sitter! :lol::lol::lol:

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Oooo it would have to be February 26th 2005. My wedding in GOa, India...Or 1998 in Salzburg - around the Christkindl Markt (Christmas market) with a large mug of Gluhwein (mulled wine) & getting whipped by Krampus!!!! :shock: Christian will know what I mean! :wink:


Then Going on the lantern walk around Mondsee (Lake) with our lanterns and singing Still Nacht, Heilige Nacht. (Silent Night) & Oh Tannen Baum, Oh Tannen Baum....(Oh Xmas Tree).


Then eating Wurstl mit senf. (Sausage from the sausage van with hot mustard).


Can I go now??? :D



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If you could go to any time and any place.....


where would you go and when would destination time and date be???



Dealey Plaza, Dallas, 12.29 on Friday November 22nd 1963.


I'd have cameras trained on the Book Depository, and I'd get the one of the most valuable photos in history - Lee Harvey Oswald firing the shot!


Or maybe I'd be in there and arrest him just beforehand and be a hero (be just my luck for it to be someone else when I'd just thumped LHO!).



Or I'd be on the Bounty on 28/4/1789 and would come back in the boat with Captain Bligh - what a fantastic journey, and with a bit of luck I'd survive.

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I am sure there are loads of historical events that would be worth visiting though - as an interested observer, no super hero stuff.


then you get into, what would happen if you couldn't just watch but actually did something that changed stuff - like managed to run over Maggie Thatcher and prevent her disasterous ruination of the country (woops sorry - no more politics).


Anyway, if you did something that changed the course of history ... while you were there as an observer?

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