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It is to do with the life cycle of the european rabbit flea Sarah :?


The smart beastie times its breeding to coincide with the rabbits so when the young are ready to leave the nest they are crawling with fleas so you get a sharp rise in infection rates at this time of the year :evil:

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Has anyone else noticed a really big rise in the number of wild bunnies with Myxie at the moment?

We are pretty rural here, & I saw 7 today when I drove to town,all by the roadside :shock:

Poor little things - is there a new outbreak of this nasty disease at the moment,or something?

How can you tell? I know nothing about it. :?

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Its been really bad this year and as its passed on by mosquitos, pet rabbits are just as vulnerable as wild ones. This article from our local paper in August recommends jabs every 6 months for pet bunns as it seems that then they have some chance of surviving the disease. Its a horrible, horrible disease - I remember as a child, if we saw a rabbit with it we had to go and find the farmer who would hit it with a spade!! Sad but only thing to be done :(:(


It is really, really important to get your pets vaccinated




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