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Finished the run!

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Hi guys


We had a go at putting the girls' run together at the weekend, it's a flat pack one with welded mesh and an onduline roof which was easy (for the OH!) to put together. We laid paving stones all around and also welded mesh wherever it made sense.


All it needs now is a big old bolt on it and it will be finished!


I reckon the girls will have been glad of it in the awful weather over the past couple of days!


My OH thinks I'm a nutter because I put some of the girls' favourite plants on their 'patio', runner beans and chives, for easy-access treats when we go to see them, and a pot of lavender and rosemary inside for them to have a little aromatherapy to help them lay!


I said I'd post some pics when we got it up, so here you go :)



Skye x

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you said it was flat-packed - did all the bits come as one pack altogether, or by flat-packed did you mean you bought all the wire and wood and put it together yourself - I only ask because I'd love it if my OH would build our 2 a nice big run like that, but he wont do it if it's very complicated and takes ages!

something that comes flat-packed and ready to assemble would be perfect, I'd probably end up having to do it myself so I might be able to manage it too!

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Skye, it looks great....can I ask where you got it from?


Something which will make life even easier for you is to now put the Eglu up in a hip height platform. This is such an advangate when cleaning out,I can't tell you 8)

It also gives even more floor space for the hens.You can knock up a little ladder for them, or just put a bale of straw in for them to hop up & into the Eglu :P

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Thanks guys, glad you like it :) :) and we're really grateful for all the great advice you gave us when we were planning the girl's new pad!


Welsh Sarah, Cinammon and Arowland17, we got it from www.lindasgrove.com/biosecures.htm


They deliver them all ready to assemble. You literally get five bits: the four walls, ready-meshed, and the roof. The door is even pre-fixed and hinged with its handle/catches already on. It all feels very heavy and well-made.


Vicki, Yolko is just a common-or-garden Pepperpot, bless er (Although gorgeous to us of course!)


And Cinammon, your idea of raising the eglu is an excellent one - apart from everything else it will mean we don't have to dig it out each night from all the aubiose the girls have kicked over it during the day! How did you build your platform?


Any other ideas people may have to help the girls get the best out of the height of the run as well as the floor space gratefully received.




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