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Molly is feeling a bit fruity !!

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So the other day, I caught Molly squatting on top of Gemma and having a bit of nookie - which I was a bit shocked at bearing in mind they are both girls.

I have seen one of them squat on the others before but this was because they were being told off and put in their place.

This time was a definite sit on, grabbing hold of Gemma's neck and having a bottom wriggle.

Molly did it again to Gemma the other day too.

It doesn't last for long but Molly is meant to be a girl 😕 and poor Gemma is an old lady.

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27 minutes ago, mullethunter said:

Luvachicken there’s nothing wrong with a girl wanting another girl - do your place of work offer diversity training? 😉😘

I haven't done that part of study in my online training :lol: although I am studying an autism course at the moment.

I will have to do the diversity training, as I did say to Molly earlier as she did it again, that she is a girl and to stop it :lol:

I was more thinking if she might change sex. I'm sure I've read that on here somewhere 😕

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