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Richard's update

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Some poor delusional soul, a while ago, thought I needed encouraging, and said that I should update the forum on the progress of my new girls.


Well, here is the update - if you've got any sense you can go back to Stephen Fry on the telly (as if you don't get enough of the bloke, we have to have him all night now that it's his 50th birthday) but if you haven't. here goes......


So - here they are;


The Orps are now around 20 weeks old. They go around as a pair (you can be my bestest friend if you like) and were very very bossy before I introduced Evil Georgie to the new girls. Now they are much more even tempered!








Arrietty is............., well Arrietty is just absolutely lovely. She lollops about, stumbles over stuff, trips over her feet and can't climb or grip anything. She is as quick as the others when she runs - but she hop/skip/jumps in any old random direction. But she is just fantastic and has come on magnificently since the early days when she could hardly walk at all and her legs splayed out all over the place;




Jordon and Wimpy are OK - but they are a big bland I'm afraid. They don't have personalities really and, although we love them, they don't really set the world alight;




Daisy - the brightest by far of the flock. She is a darling, but flies! And she is the cheekiest of the bunch. I struggle to get get a picture of her because she comes straight for the camera!



And Liz the Maran?



YES - IT WAS LIZ IN THE DOGBOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Thank you for your time - I enjoyed that!

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I always planned to get orpingtons but now I think I will go for pekin bantams but have to wait until after holiday so might change my mind again. :roll:


AWWW No - go for the Orps. Really, You must. They are just fantastic. Tehy are really lovely ladies, with feathers that get blown all over the place, and frilly knickers, and they are big and lovely and just super chickens.


You really do have to get proper girls - Orps are really really lovely. they don't fly so don't cause you any hassle that way, and they are no bother at all - I haven't had any pecking probs with them.


Go on, you need to have real proper chickens (not that bantams aren't proper chickens, but they are just a bit ........... little). And they're an English breed (not that I'm xenophobic or anything, but its nice to feel that your hens go back a while and are native to here).


Orpingtons rock.


and my orpingtons don't eat Tuna.


Your Orps don't eat tuna?


Becos I don't give 'em any!


Oh dear ......

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I have just formed a protest movement called SPRAT


Society for the Protection of All Tuna


Not only does tuna taste revolting and do irreversible damage to your chickens' taste buds, it is an endangered species (says me)


Only environmentally unaware numpties will be eating tuna in the future.


Save the Tuna. Tuna belong in the sea, not in your chickens.


I have, on another thread but I can't remember which so it will have to be here, had a rant about opera - which I am not particularly keen about to put it mildly. However, I have just been having my annual bath and listening to my iTunes bestest playlist, and sandwiched in there, between some sinead o connor, dick gaughan and amy mann, was 'just show me how to love you'; Sarah Brightman and Andre Bottledcherries. wonderful stuff - its not real opera I know, but they put on those funny voices and act all serious about it so maybe it counts as sort of opera-ish. Mind you, she's not chunky enough to be a proper opera singer.


I wonder if only chunky ladies become opera singers, or if being a lady opera singer makes you chunky? Now there's a conundrum.


I can't think of anything else to mutter about so will go and have a cup of hot chocolate and grumble about the state of TV on Sunday nights. I might even sleep through Michael Palin as he is unfeasibly cheerful while he visits dreadful places abroad. He has a crabby job having to go places all the time. I bet his carbon footprint is massive.

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