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OH up early this morning - brings in milk and bread from doorstep and puts both in fridge.


Fast forward to 2.30 - house full of parents and children, double birthday party in full swing. I open the fridge and bend down to retrieve salad from bottom drawer. As I lift my head I come face to face with a humungous slug chilling gently on the loaf! 5 inches from my nose! :shock::shock::vom:


Cue Snowy jumping up and down in the kitchen squealing and gesticulating at the fridge until very brave friend comes to the rescue by removing slug and feeding it to the chickens.


Just how big a wuss am I? (but I really don't like slugs when they jump out at me like that!) :oops::roll:

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In our old house the slugs used to get in through the cat flap at night, so any late night visits to the kitchen would be fraught with slug infested danger. And I'm not talking about the odd one or two slug, I'm talking at least 20 slugs a night. And there would be hartlet the cat, valiently munching her way through them......... :vom::vom::vom:

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:vom: Oh Shona how yuk!


I cant remember if i have posted this before :?


When i was younger, about aged 7/8, my brother and I were playing with friends Carl & Christian - who was the youngest of the four of us.


Somehow we convinced Christian that slugs were chocolate and he ate one! :lol::lol::lol:


I will pay for this on judgement day no doubt! :?:lol::lol:

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:vom::vom::vom: my neighbours son when I was a child ate a slug once and foamed at the mouth! :shock::vom:

Did you say the slug was on the load? Toast for tea then.....? :wink:


Yes, :vom: but only on the plastic outer bag. My friend made me laugh - she sprayed dettox on the bag and gave it a wipe over! I did say I wasn't planning on licking the wrapper! :lol:


A while back a friends young son was sat at the tea table with his mouth firmly shut and not eating his tea. She asked him why not and he didn't answer, so she ordered him to open his mouth. He did so to reveal a mouth full of green, slimy slug innards. His older brothers had encouraged him I believe. She said no one wanted any tea after that ... :vom::lol:

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:shock::shock: I can't believe all these 'eating a slug' stories.


We had a kitten once who ate a slug. It stuck to the sides of her throat and she couldn't breathe or swallow. It was really frightening! My mother held the kitten's mouth open and I pulled out numerous bits of slug with a pair of tweezers. Fortunately the kitten survived.

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