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BHWT Warwickshire rescue

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The new Warwickshire co-ordinators completed their first rescue yesterday and I was lucky enough to help out with the rehoming.


Ian and Molly collected 193 hens. Here they are unloaded into a spare stable :


For 193 hens they were extremley quiet! We were lucky that these ones were in quite good condition considering - no broken limbs, no lice and no long claws to clip!

Here are the first of our happy customers with Ian -


Here's me trying to pick two chooks to take home - very hard as I wished I could have them all!!


And here are the ones we were left with :


Unfortunately, we were let down by one collector who was meant to take 50 but had to cancel on the day, but, after the Sunday collections only 37 were left with Ian and Molly who hope to rehome them all by nest week.

Below are the two I chose, Toyah is the full feathered one and Hazel our fluffy, but not oven ready chook. (named by OH!!) :roll:


They soon learnt to scratch around and even pulled up the odd worm. Hazel is asserting her authority and poor Toyah ended up with a bleeding comb. She really does look like a punk now with a spray of gentain violet! They settled down a bit more today (Sunday)

Here is Hazel taking her first dust bath this afternoon.


And Toyah learning how to scratch for worms.


We hope to introduce them to our original two at the end of the month. Hazel looked quite shocked at the sight of a white chicken in the run oposite!



I thoroughly enjoyed my day and looking forward to the next rescue in December where we will be providing mince pies and mulled wine for the rehomers!(for a donation to BHWT of course!!


AMO :lol:

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