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Meet Oscar (Or fat boy/Casanova as he is better known)

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This is Oscar, my first "Proper" pet, besides fish and the 2 hamsters I had when I was 4.

He is 2 years old and is the oldest of six other brothers and sisters.

He has an obsession with Felix cat food and likes being butch and scaring off the local foxes.

He likes eating mice and birds.

I love him lots except for when he meows at 4 am and persitently bangs on his cat flap.

He likes nothing better than being fussed and is a very chatty puss.






This is him as a kitten on the day we picked him up:



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He's gorgeous ... :drool: I have a real soft spot for ginger cats (shh ... my own delightful and beautiful tabby might be reading this).


That mouse picture is absolutely brilliant - you should enter that in a competition!


Haha, funnily enough I was going to but I forgot to post it :doh:


I will next year though!

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What very lovely photos.... I too have a soft spot for ginger cats, and so does everyone else in the family, but when we looked for our kittens we couldn't find any ginger ones (obviously since then I've seen them all over the place!!)... our adult cats are both black, and the kittens are white, and black and white, and tabby and white, and totally adorable, so don't tell any of them I've said all this about ginger cats...


Saw beautiful ginger kittens advertised locally the other day, but thought if I dare to adopt one more kitten (or any pet for that matter), my dear husband will probalby run off!!

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A year after we got George (13 years ago) we got Jake, a gorgeous ginger just like yours. He was killed on the road a year later, on 23rd Oct 1996, while i was pregnant with Alexander. I still get upset on that date, he was the most amazing people cat you have ever met. He used to come & sit on my belly when I got home from work every night.I knew something was wrong when he didn't come home. His body had been taken to the local vets, so at least we got to bury him, & he looked like he was asleep. It was really hard to move house & leave him in the garden.

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He was. He was really good friends with George, they used to cuddle up together. At first George wasn't impressed with a tiny ginger kitten coming living in the same house, but Jake got around him by lovingly washing George's ears, which he loved. We had a radiator bed sheepskin thingy they used to squash in together. George really missed Jake, & not long after we got Jethro from the Cats Protection who had survived a car accident, although lost the sight in one eye because of it. George & Jethro tolerate each other, & Hattie does her own thing.

When Jake died I wrote a big list of his quirky traits, like he used to sit on the side of the bath while you were in it. He also used to sleep at our feet under the quilt. I find it very theraputic to write things down.

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