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first egg

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:dance: Well done that chicken! Did you do the egg dance? :lol:


We were just on our way to dh exam, he went back in to get something, and I stood waiting in the garden, I just looked in the egg port, closed it and then it clicked that there was an egg there!!

I ran into the house, I thought 'i won't shout 'cos I dont want dh to get stressed thinking that there is something worng', so I intended just to call him, what cam eout was a loud sqeak, he came running thinking something was wrong!! lol! I was so excited, my voice just went strange.


I don't think I did an egg dance, but I was definately skipping and jumping!!

I just couldnt believe it. It was so warm, and it is so amazing to think that it came from the chicken (ok, I know that eggs come from chickens, hence getting them) but its so strange to think that this perfect little egg came from Bella, it's amazing, they are so clever! (iykwim!!)

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Well Bella has not laid since, a week now! I am wondering how long it will be before she lays her second?


Yesterday we had our first egg from Tilly 33g, and another today 40g!


Tilly is smaller than Bella, although head hen, I am so proud of her laying her first tiny egg!

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