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How easy is it to rehome cockerels? I'm thinking of hatching some pekin eggs but obviously need to work out what I'll do with the inevitable males. If I post on the pekinbantam forum how easily am I likely to rehome them? These will be pet quality birds (unless I get eggs from show stock).


Has anyone managed to do this?

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I've been lucky and had someone thats taken all my cockerels this year. One girl has taken most of them, I advertised and managed to sell one and even today had to 'send away' my lovely big Buff Orp, who I'd suspected was a boy for a few weeks now, and he confirmed it by crowing this morning at 28 weeks :( . I also have another eight 5 week old boys that will be looking for new homes when they're about 12 weeks :shock:

The last hatch was my highest boy/girl ratio but you have to expect it, and if you get more girls its a bonus.

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Well done for asking questions first before breeding!


It is very irrisponsible to breed livestock if you are not sure what you can do when things don't go your way...


There are (as most people have suggested) a number of options.


Firstly you could try and free to good home advert in the paper.


Secondly a free to good home advert on this forum.


Thirdly you could try asking a few freinds/family


Fourthly you could try asking local farms if they would like them (not every farm would be interested pekns though)


And finally you could "prepare it" for the table but as mentioned there is not much meat on a pekin...

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I've bred dogs before so I know what a responsibility it is bringing any life into this world. With my dogs I always say that I will take the dog back whatever and whenever. I know I couldn't keep cockerals, well except the one I've got LOL


Thanks everyone

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I've thought about it at length too, but have decided against it, for the time being anyway.


It would be all to easy to rush into it without thinking it through fully.


Apart from the "What will I do with the boys" question, there is a lot of expense, and then integrating the chicks into the established flock takes careful managing.


Too risky..........for me at least.

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It isn't easy rehoming cockerels. We don't have that problem as we have plenty of room and no near neighbours - I didn't even consider hatching until we moved here.


We are OK with preparing them as 'dinners' although it is so difficult when you've reared and watched the cockerel grow up. They are so beautiful.


I have offered them on Practical Poultry forum but unless there is someone in your area who wants what you've got then it isn't always practical.


I'm on here now because, if I wake up around 5.30, we have 7 cockerels all trying to crow the loudest - all about 50 yards from our bedroom window! They don't wake me..... but if I wake anyway then I can't go back to sleep :roll:

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