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Black Silkie Rooster and White Silkie Hen.

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Thanks Everyone  ☺️ 
I thought so too, but apparently I have heard some people say they have gotten a bunch of other colours!
Also, does anyone know what the likely hood of hatching a rooster to hen would be? Because i am slightly worried I might hatch another rooster!  As you can tell, this is my first time hatching chicks and I am not an expert yet!

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You will almost definitely hatch males. I don’t know if the ratio is exactly 1:1 but it’s roughly that on average. For me it’s been a lot worse - I’ve incubated 17 eggs over 3 attempts - out of them I’ve hatched 2 females and 6 males (except for one which was eaten by the hen (!) the others didn’t hatch - I think my poor hatch rate was partly down to me not getting incubator  and partly down to the eggs having been through the post)

So, BEFORE you set any eggs, you MUST either have homes for any males you hatch, or be willing to kill them if you can’t keep them.

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50- 55% will be male and in my experience, over a large number that's about right. But if you haven't got the incubation conditions perfect it will be the stronger males that hatch. Also there is an element of luck and in our first hatch we had 9 males and one female; the second hatch produced 12 females and two males and so it went on until the average was 55% male. Genetics is too complicated for me, but based on my experience I think the females will be black and the males a variety of colours? 

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