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The glug froze

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it's very cold here (North West Cheshire), not frosty but cold. The girls have had a little soaked granary bread mushed up with banana and chopped grapes, then just before bed they get a scattering of sweetcorn. I'm hoping their morning treat helps to keep them warm as a couple of them don't have many feathers.


I'm trying to build them up! ;)

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It was very cold last night - I went my sisters & helped her fetch the horses in & muck out. We put their duvet blankets on them!

But we were both frozen when we came in.

The chooks have had their layers pellets this morning & I have just scattered some wheat for them. They will get some porridge oats soaked in warm water before bedtime - the little loves!



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Winter must be well on the way - the temperature here (on the edge of the fens) dropped to -2C last night and the poor old chookie girls water was well and truly frozen. They have had porrige for breakfast and are currently chasing the house sparrows around the garden!!


It was cold here in Liverpool last night - white, frosty grass this morning. I like the idea of giving the girls porridge to warm them but what type do you use??

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I use quaker porridge oats or supermarket own brand. Its just porridge oats and nothing else in the ingredients.


I normally mixed some layers pellets with warm water, add a sprinkle of porridge oats and a bit of sweetcorn. They love it. I give it to them about 2 hours before lights out, so they fill up on pellets all day. You should here the noise they make when they see the 'blue bowl' approaching! :roll::lol:

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