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Hazel had a very traumatic experience today

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Today has been pretty hot here. I've been at school all day but luckily home early enough.

I asked hubby if he'd given the chooks their ice block and he said he hadn't yet so I said I'd do it.

There didn't seem to be all of them around, then I spotted Dottie in the Eglu Classic but there was still one of them missing.

Then I spotted poor Hazel wedged between the Classic and the wire of the run, totally and utterly stuck.

I have no idea how long she had been there but she looked in a pretty bad way - panting and head down.

I carefully got her out , I did have my cool towel round my neck which she seemed to like, and took her indoors.

She was quite wobbly and lopsided. I gently dribbled some water over her beak which she drank.

I put her on one of the dog cooling mats and kept dribbling water on her beak.

I did this for about an hour, then she started to look a little bit perkier so I offered her some treats - she liked those.

I popped her back with her friends and she kept herself to herself for a good couple of hours and then started to be more chicken.

I felt really sorry for her and wished that I'd done a head count when I popped back at lunchtime (I live close enough to the school that I can walk there and back for lunch)

I just hope that she hadn't been stuck for too long in the heat.

She has taken herself to bed with the others and seems to be perfectly fine now, but I shall check again when I let them out in the morning.

Lesson learnt - do a head count as often as you can without being obsessive.


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Perhaps she was trying to get somewhere to cool down? We had a shock a few days ago with a cockerel and three hens missing. Turned out they had squeezed under a shed to get cool. These are very big birds and how they managed to squeeze out at the shallow end I don't know? They couldn't turn round under there. To avoid future problems I've dug some soil out to give them more room, but I think the experience has frightened them, because they haven't been under again.

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Thanks all 😊

She is very much better today.

I was worried when I let them out this morning as she didn't appear, but she didn't take too long to come out.

She looks like her normal self and even laid an egg, so she couldn't have been feeling too stressed.

I blocked off the gap this morning with towels and then I spotted that she had laid an egg in the bigger bit of the gap.

I think she must have slipped off the Classic down to the bigger gap, had no choice but to lay her egg, then she must have tried to get out at the narrowest end.

Hubby said he didn't hear any squawking or anything and I'm really surprised the others didn't make any noise at all to say their friend was stuck. 

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18 minutes ago, Cat tails said:

Don’t count on a chicken to save your life! 😂

When I had my first chickens, gingernut rangers, our dog was very elderly.

One hot morning, I left the back door open so she could come and go as she pleased.

Somehow, she toppled into our little pond and couldn't get out.

The chickens made a right racket and when I went downstairs there was poor Daisy struggling in the pond.

The chickens certainly saved her life that day 😊

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Pop - one of my Dutch bantams had a different sort of traumatic experience today. Was working from home so they were out and about and I heard a massive load of squawking. I raced out to see next doors cat racing across the garden and I was there just in time to see Pop taking off! She did excellent flying up over the chicken fence, over the shrubs, around some tree branches and landed perfectly on the 8 foot high fence between us and our neighbours! 

Im not sure the cat was really chasing her - it never has before - I think it probably just ran out of the shrubs, startled the chickens and then just happened to run towards Pop when I shouted at it.

After around 10 minutes Pop picked her route through the overhanging branches and flew back down to join the others. She really does fly like a ‘proper’ bird!

I’m so glad Hazel is OK - that feeling that you could have prevented something by just a simple action that you didn’t take is awful.

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Poor Pop, she must have had a fright - I'm glad she is OK too.

I'm beginning to wonder if this week is an unlucky week, as when I got back at lunchtime today, the ladder to the Classic had fallen down.

No idea how that had happened as it is quite heavy.

Fortunately, no chickens were squashed by the event.

I wonder what the 3rd thing will be. 

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