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One Man Banned

I must not.....

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...be allowed anywhere near Ebay! I bought another caravan :oops:


Last Saturday I got a tiny bit click happy and accidentally :wink: bid on a little restoration project that Joe had found on Ebay.

I bid in the last 45 seconds and didn't expect to pick this up at such a bargain price just leaving me with a small trip to Essex on Wednesday to pick it up (hence the Halfords bargain in the "When to complain" thread)


I had nowhere to store it while I worked on it, but Anita is having it at hers for the time being when I take it round and a very good friend has a lock up that we can put it in - plus he'll help with some of the resto work


Say hello to my little gem from 1971, a Sprite Cadet




and where it's currently on the drive...






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well the plan is to restore it as it has had some damp in the past, plus it's full of odd bits of junk and stuff at the mo, and the carpet :vom:


It will eventually be towed behind Joe's Austin A35 when its finished its restoration in about 2yrs time - so I have some time on my hands!!


A big reason I got it is because it has the original optional awning, how thrilling I hear you cry, but I've never seen one anywhere before now - even odder still is we have an original sales brochure for this van - very spooky!

A friend has the first version a 1970 with a huge plastic roof nicknamed the bubbletop but they were withdrawn after 1 year, then this was launched...(and he hasn't got the awning for his van :P)


It's gonna be lovely when it's done and of course, I'll let you all in on the progress as it happens :D


As for the neighbours I haven't spoken to next door yet but have some eggs handy ;)




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Oh my god Andrew, that was a deja vu moment then ,when we were kids that was our first caravan (we had the one with the bubble top roof! )


That is definatly a blast from the past. Mom and Dad slept in the caravan and me and my sisters slept in the tent awning.


We had many a good holiday in scotland with that van.Thanx for the memories .

Hugs Layla.


We have bought alsorts off ebay even a Landrover Defender. It's very addictive :roll:

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Last time my dear hubby got on ebay he bought a cadillac...


It's an old magnificient red soft top thing that has made us local celebrities amongst teenage boys... (quote from a barbecue party : 'oh, you're the guys with THE car... wow'... and me stupidly replying 'what car?')


Well, when I say old, it's actually exactly my age... though somehow I don't seem to be noticed by teenage boys at all!! :wink:

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