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We also have a maran.....she's bonkers! a very funny chicken. Out of our 4 girls she is the perkiest...busiest chicken - always on the go...all day from dawn to dusk. :lol:


FOOD is the best way to tame them. Our maran doesnt mind being picked up (even though she is hard to catch) but she will come for treats and doesnt being around people - coming into the kitchen etc. Once you've got her comfy in your arms tempt her with treats and just get her used to eating out of your hands whilst you are holding her. Then just keep stroking her. Keep doing this as much as you can and she will get used to it. :)


LOVELY photos by the way!

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I have also just got a couple of Marans to go with my othe two chooks. First impressions (after 2 weeks) they seem a bit livlier (spelt right?... But the Omlet breeds section says that they are lazy :?: ) They bcome super friendly about dusk and even sit with me at the garden table before bed. In the day I can't catch them, they're like greased migets.

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