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Please leave your sympathy here

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:D:D Here I am! Poor Kaz, my brave girl. :( I'm leaving you with tons of love & sympathy, a big hug, a hot drink, and I've picked up your toys :roll::lol:

Do hope the pain eases soon & that the op will have been a success, and that you will feel the benefit soon.

Hope your chooks, and OH, are taking good care of you. All the best for you & your knees in 2006, Kaz,

heaps more sympathy, Mumsy xx :P

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Once upon a time there was a little chicken call Fluffy. One evening she was all alone in a big dark cforest and she could hear strange noises all arround her :twisted:


She was very frightened and began to sob :!: Oh help me Mummy Chicken I don't know where my eglu is it is too dark to see and I'm sure there is a fox in the shaddows.


She was just about to give up and hide under a bush when she saw a dim light in the distance and ran as fast as she could towards it. It was her eglu and kind Mummy chicken had put her torch inside to show the young chicken her way home.


Naughty Mrs Fox had to eat worms again for dinner.


Nigh night :D

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'pulls curtains back and says wakey, wakey rise and shine'...How you feeling Kaz, have a lie in and snuggle down it's chilly out and here's your cuppa and fave brekkie prepared by mel.


:wink: BBx

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You poor thing! Lesley will know how you feel - she has a dodgy knee, and my Boy had his knee re-built after a bike accident. You will be pleased to hear that he is fine now and so long as he does his physio each day it is ok. So there's light there. Take Arnica for the bruising and tissue damage - it works wonders.



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Hi there, hope your knee feels better soon.


I had major surgery on my foot in November and again in December as all the metal work had moved so I know how you must be feeling.


Daytime telly is'nt too bad, as long as you have a big bar of chocolate by you and a very tasty drink you will get by.



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