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Please leave your sympathy here too!!!

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I'm feeling sorry for myself as am going in tomorrow to have my gall bladder out :shock:


Should only be keyhole in which case I'll be back home on Sunday and probably online soon after :!:


If they have to "cut me open" - I might be in for 7 days, so if I'm very quiet - that's where I've gone :!: Only one in 20 chance though so fingers crossed :wink:


Have left lots of instructions for my OH re hens - just in case :(

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My OH had his gall bladder out through the keyhole (reminds me of an off-colour joke I might put on the jokes thread) about 10 years ago and after a few days bed rest was as right as ninepence, and so will you be PurpleHen :D


Take it nice and easy when you get home - January is perfect for that sort of thing anyway, so you can watch lots of lovely daytime TV and rubbish movies and catch up with Heat magazine and do your nails... that's what my hubbie did anyway ha ha


Good luck, best wishes & love to you


Heather x

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Hello - and thank for all your wishes.


Got back yesterday after keyhole - can't remember much of Friday, General Anasthetic combined with morphine I think :shock:


But now I am installed (having quickly checked the chooks yesterday) in bed with laptop, Suduko, books and two happy cats for company. If I stay still I'm fine - it's moving that causes the problems. Doing what I'm told though and getting up for a walk round every 2 hours - can't belive how tiring it is though.


Thanks again 8)

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