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One for Sheila

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:lol::lol: Thanks Emma! Every few weeks my son will burst into the room and say "Hello..." and, as I start to reply, he carries on the sentence, singing Lionel Ritchie style (but in a tone deaf sort of way). It catches me every time.

You can see the fun we have in our house. :lol:

This started when this dear son found a clip of L.R. performing this in a far too earnest way, the strain on his face has us in stitches.

So, thanks for that Emma, and all (love the RichTea!) I'm just having my last cuppa of the day. :D

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A friend used to have an answer phone message like that - I'd ring and hear the phone pic ked up and a voice say "hello?" so I'd say "Hi xxxxx! How are you? Is xxxxx in?" and just as I'd be finishing my sentence there would come.."hello.............you've reached the answerphone of xxxxx and xxxxx....."etc etc :x Got me every time!! Argh!!! :roll:

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Had to find this thread when you mentioned it Emma! It's brilliant. Made me chuckle :lol:


Darren's mobile phone message used to get me everytime. He'd recorded himself saying, 'hello...............................oh hello.....................listen, can I call you back, I can't get to the phone at the minute'


It really was so lifelike, and the pauses were just long enough for you to fill in the gaps with something.



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