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little chickadee

The Egg Dance

Did you do a dance when you discovered your first egg?!  

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  1. 1. Did you do a dance when you discovered your first egg?!

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He hee! yes, I remember it well! Open egg port to find first egg - shock! Grab egg and hold aloft shouting ohh, look!!!! Then do strange jig involving high steps and lots of arm waving whilst at the same time running back to the house whilst yelling 'we've got one' (or words to that effect). Usually done in pyjamas and wellies but does depend on the time of day and prevailing weather conditions. :lol:

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I grabbed it and held it to my cheek - it was still warm - and we danced round the garden in a conga. The neighbours thought we were totally nuts!


Took pictures, cooked it and took more photos and then divvied it up!


Here it is!






I still get a thrill when we get an egg.

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My daughter did the dance, they're her chooks.... her version of the egg dance involved a lot of shrieking (sent me running to the garden in a panic thinking something wrong had happened with the chooks) and a lot of quick, sharp, confused, multi directional movements... bit like seeing a movie with few seconds missing here and there!!

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