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Have you seen the Whale swimming up the Thames on Sky News?? It's the first whale to be spotted in the Thames since records began in 1913! Traffic's stopped on one of the bridges to watch it and there's a RNLI lifeboat and police launch trying to stop it from getting too close to the sides where it might beach itself. What a beautiful creature!

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Did you see that whale in the paper that was being dumped by Greenpeace at the door to the Japanese embassy?


They really have a way of making their point. They even had a police escort - it said in the report.


Can you imagine that happening here, with a police escort.



A great way to get the worlds attention though isn't it.

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chocchick i used to live in sheffield and iam still not far away.Its where i do my shopping, which part of the city do you live in :?: i lived just off ringinglow road s11 :)

Don't know where that is I'm afraid, I live in Hillsborough near the football ground ( :twisted: we don't like football or match traffic).


Plug plug, see my garden in the thread chickens/the great escape I'm trying to decide how to fence the chickens in. :?:?: Plug over



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Ah....i go that way into meadowhall (unfortunately...i hate that place ) along the A57. your garden i voted to fence the left side of your garden, because mine trash everything, i dont mind the poo i just flick it into the borders, they dig all my plants up :roll: .WE still love them though :!:

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I supose it did not die alone. and had lots of people there loving and caring for it.


I must have realised it was being helped (although it was going to be scary)


animals are very good at picking up emotions.. if the people on the barge we being kind to it, the whale must have picked up on that (espechially the person constantly pooring water over it)


I hope so anyway

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