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Martin B

What was number 1 the day you were born?

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I've just found this website. Quite Amusing.

*****dob removed from quote********** - Bryan Adams Everything I do I do it for you :oops::roll::lol:



What about you?


martin, might not be a good idea to give your actual dob over the web, just a thought, identity theft, password theft etc....unlikely I know but possible if someone has your dob

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'Sugar Baby Love' by the Rubettes!!!


I love that song :lol::lol: . Takes me back!


Mine's Long Live Love by Sandie Shaw. LSH has She Loves You by The Beatles. Poor Tom has Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini by Bombalurina which is a song for Room 101 if ever there was one and Ollie's was Pray by Take That.


That's a fun site! All those great songs (apart from Bombalurina, of course!)

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DH was 'Michelle' by The Overlanders


who the heck were they!!???? :lol:


done a bit of googling...


I'm adopted and my birth name was 'Michelle', The Overlanders had a number 1 hit with a cover version of 'Michelle' when The Beatles declined to release it as a single.


I was born in Liverpool (hence The Beatles connection)

Michelle was my 'birth' name

'Michelle' was number 1 the day my husband was born!


was it written in the stars? ;):lol:

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