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YES YES YES YES YES!!!!! I can get some ex-batts!!!!YIPPEEEE

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I am SOOOOOOO excited!! Having picked up Dancing Gals four littlies yesterday we've now got ourselves an ark that they're living in. So speaking to OH just now, once they've integrated :pray: then we'll have an empty ark! Just right for putting some ex-batts into! Mentioned it to OH and he said, "Alright then" JUST LIKE THAT!!! :lol::dance: Then I said, they'd have even MORE room if we got rid of the ark and the cube run and had the cube freestanding in a homebuilt enclosure, and he said, "wouldn't take me long to knock something like that up" :D:D And then he said, "we could put a fence up so they've got their own part of the garden to go in, keep the top bit of garden for us and the kids, poo free"


I'm so excited I could SCREAM!!! Ex-batts have been on my want list for SO long, but after the big row over getting a dog I've been keeping it a bit quiet!


I'm off to start some drawings, OH is going to be busier than he thinks this weekend!!


Mrs Very Very Excited Bertie!!


Oh yes, here's the lates picture of my "puppy"



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Oh, wow Mrs Bertie, you sound so excited and I don't blame you........brilliant, brilliant news :dance::dance::dance: .


Ex batts have such lovely personalities, they start off looking a bit raggedy and pathetic but they recover so quickly and are bred to be docile, I loved mine. And it's so rewarding watching them recover and enjoy their retirement, seeing the first dustbath and the first bit of nest building etc.


Good on you.........and especially good on Mr Bertie :wink::D:D:D

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sounds like my dear old husband, good on both of you! :)


you could give your old ark a scrub out and advertise it as a freebie on here (or sell it of course, how presumptious of me!) :lol:


please, please post some pics when it's all done and dusted.

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How did you win on the dog front? Dh is full of reasons why we can't have one, but I have my 2yr old on the case now :D I lost one of my beloved cats to the rd the other day and we are not getting anymore as I can't bear the idea of a young cat here (we are rural but close to a busy A rd, silly cat had a whole farm to explore but no! :cry:). Dh used to say 'not while we have cats' ....now he has changed it to 'I don't like dogs' and 'but dogs smell' ...pah, as if that will work :lol:

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Well, I tried everything with the dog, always wanted one, in the end I just said, I don't drink I don't smoke, I don't go anywhere, I'm at home all day and you're here when I'm at work so tough! I'm getting one! And I did. Have to say though, it nearly caused a divorce, seriously! But I was determined andthere were all sorts of other reasons why I felt justified in just going for it despite what he said. And he now loves her! I deliberately got a very sedate dog though, she hardly ever bounces about considering she's a puppy, she's chewing a bit at the minute as she's teething, but she doesn't bark, she's obedient, she loves the kids, and the chooks (although she wants to eat the cat, he just sneers at her from on high!) So if you do go for it then choose your breed wisely, two other mums on the school run have also just got puppies, ones a spaniel pup (doolalley!) the other is a collie / lab cross which is incredibly energetic. Delilah can just about be bothered to get up she's so chilled out!

So sorry to hear about your cat, I lost one to the road years ago and that was when I lived in a rural location, maybe they get complacent. It's so hard to lose an animal.


Anyway, spent the afternoon trying to get hold of my BHWT co ordinator but she must be out dagnabit! So, will try again tomorrow!


Mrs Bertie

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