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A Horrible Morning

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First the car wouldn't start.

Then,I was out shopping & my phone rang.It was my Hubby telling me that Pip, my wonderful 3 year old tortoiseshell cat had been run over & killed on the road outside our house.


I am just devestated.

Goodness knows how I am going to tell the girls.They adored Pip & were playing with her just this morning.


The house already feels empty without her :cry:

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Oh Sarah.... :cry:


Oh dear.


What an awful thing to happen. I'm so sorry. You must be feeling just terrible. Sending you lots of hugs, and I hope your girls cope with the sad news too. Loosing a pet unexpectedly is just heart-breaking.....


xx xx xx xx

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How awful for you - When I was pregnant with Caitlin someone ran over our much loved cat, Buttons, and left him for dead. By the time we found him, it was too late. We were all devestated, and it wasn't until Caitlin was about 6 months old that we felt ready for a new cat.


It's amazing how pets can make a difference in our lives, and 3 years on, I still half expect Buttons to meander in one day, and plonk himself down on the couch.


You have my greatest sympathies, and I hope telling the girls isn't too hard.


Sending all our love



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Thanks everyone.

I have had a good old blub & am feeling less shocked & a bit calmer now.


Pip had a funny last few days. Yesterday evening she went crazy,attacking a toy mouse in the living room, the day before that she got trapped in my wardrobe & nearly gave me a heart attack when I opened the door & she looked up at me.This morning she had been stalking a big male pheasant,& nearly got him too according to my neighbour!

Its good to remember the funny things she did & all her mad little habits :D


Bracing myself for the childrens arrival home now........

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