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March, Cambridgeshire

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:lol: Thanks all, although I think we've made the decision to stay put after all! It's great searching for lovely houses and thinking the grass is greener somewhere else, but when push comes to shove, I have so many lovely friends here and a lovely house that I've spent 10 years getting perfect - it's really not worth it just because I think I'll be happier with more land. I'll just hang on for my allotment instead! :lol:


Thanks anyway! 8)

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You would have been in the fens proper in March! Not too far from my neck of the woods.


I think March is a place that you either love or hate from what I have been told by people that have moved there/moved out/live there. There is a train station but not sure that the service is very frequent :?


I love the fens :D

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I wouldn't move there.


The fens do have beauty but can also be quite depressing.


There is a big prison nearby, lots and lots of agricultural land and not a lot else.


Nice old market town but full of disaffected youth.


NO. Glad you are not going to do it (a bit further South is OK but much more expensive)

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Thanks, you're all making me feel much better now! :lol:


It wasn't a much better job he was going for - just the same job he always does, and gets fed up with after about 6 months and starts looking for somewhere else :? Doesn't matter in Leicester, it'll be a while before he runs out of companies to work for and he'll be retired by then! Don't think he'd be quite so spoilt for choice over in the Fens! :lol:

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