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Aunty e

Cube by Sutton House (Hackney)

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So I was in Sutton House, waiting to go out and play for the morris men, when I looked out of a window and spotted a green cube! Was overcome with excitement, and made all of the troupe come and look out the window, and then garbled at the people who run Sutton House for about ten minutes about how exciting it was to see someone elses. So I wondered if the owner of that cube is on t'forum?

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I can just imagine what I'd do if I was travelling alone on a train & spotted an eglu- I would forget I was alone & shout "An eglu- look boys!"

and then all the other passengers would be relieved when I finally got off the train :oops:


You would be escorted off at the next station Jules! :lol::lol:

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I used to see one on the train from Bournemouth to Southamton, in someone's garden near Burton. I used to look out for it everytime I went on the train, then it disappeared and I was really disappointed! :(


Where else are they spotted?


I like to see the free range farms, too. There are lots by railway tracks; one just outside Winchester, for instance, going west.


We could get a good list going, maybe a spotters guide :lol: ?


OK, getting carried away now... :roll:

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So we've been spotted. Staff at Sutton House complained when we moved it actually as its a bit more tucked away now and they can't see the chickens from their office window!


thats funny. I thought you were gooing to say they asked you to move it cos it was garish.

People love chickens when they get to know them dont they

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