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Disneyland Paris

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My daughter and SIL took Lauren and Jake a couple of years ago when we were all staying nearby.


I know there is a train - and they had a plan to get in as much as they could in one day............... I'll ask them as I can't remember.........


What a lovely treat........... 8)

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I went many years ago,a few months after it opened.

In fact I was pregnant with my eldest,although I didn't know it at the time, & she is nearly 15 :shock:



We stayed at the Santa Fe,which was really comfortable - showers are amazing & ice machines in the hall ways 8)

The New York will be great.Its very Art Deco.


We were there for 3 days & got to see it all,with a half day to split up & go back to our favourite bits. I guess its bigger now,but I seem to remember that a half day for each 'land' was fine.

I especially loved the wild west land,as I like that era a lot & find it so interesting.Disney do things so well - there are even wagon tracks in the paving. The Eastern world was great too & had a brilliant shop full of exotic goodies.

I loved the 3D movie ride,the haunted house &,my very very favourite,'Pirates of The Carribean',which was fab even before the movie franchise.


I hated 'Its a small world' as it was so teww.I still sometimes wake with that darn song in my head!


Make sure you get to see a firwork display as they are truly spectacular, as are the marching bands.

Food & gifts are pricey, but its only once,isn't it?

I remeber a fab meal in the resturant alongside the Cheyenne Hotel, & also a really great Western bar where we hung out mose evening,laughing at the line dancers :roll::lol:


The best tip is to wear layers,be prepared to queue (although Disney even seem to make that fun) & let your inner 10 year old come out :lol:

If you do that, & really lose yourself in the experience,you will have an amazing time 8)

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Yep I've been twice - it's a great place for kids but when I went last time (at the age of 20) I think i'd outgrown it as I found it a bit boring and I didn't want to eat junk food for 3 days - there is however a nice caribbean themed restaurant there that did a lovely swordfish and papaya dish! I loved it there when I was 16 however and I went with one of my friends as my first holiday without the parents - was fab!

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We went 3 years ago and stayed in the New York Hotel, we flew with Easyjet and hired a car, the car was a waste of time I would catch the train it takes you right to the resort. The shuttle bus into the park each day is great and comes every 10 minutes so no long wait.


The one tip i would give you is to get up early for breakfst because after 8am people queue out of the door and you can wait up to an hour to get breakfast............We were getting down to the dining room for 7am and it was empty, they gave us a voucher with a set time for breakfast which was between 9am and 10am after the first day of queueing at this time we disregarded it and went down at 7am the staff didn't mind as this was a quiet time.


I hope you enjoy your stay we a fab. time and the children loved it......... :lol:

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Take advantage of the fastpass system to save queueing - very efficient.


We stayed in Santa Fe too!


If you get a chance to have breakfast in the park do - you really get a different feel to the place when the place is empty.


We went for 2 nights/3 days. Layla was only 4 and she was shattered by last day. To give her a break we let ourselves be "Ooops, word censored!"bled by the timeshare people that hang out by the bus stops and got about £60 to spend in the park in return for a couple of hours resisting being sold anything (Mike is a salesman so it was not too difficult!) while Layla played in the creche. Paid for a meal and a Donald Duck and a few other treats.


She still ended up sleeping on the floor in a hallway on the last afternoon.


If your children want a cuddle with any of the characters in the parade get them to the front and be very un-British and yell 'Pluto' or whatever very excitedly!


Layla nearly fainted with fear and excitement when she met Jafar - always one for the villains that girl.

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We went 2 years ago with our brood aged 16, 13, 10 and 7. They all enjoyed it.


We were in Paris for 4 days, travelling by Eurostar and staying in a hotel in Paris. We went to Disneyland for one day only - I think that was enough! Everyone enjoyed it but we also got to do touristy things in Paris. It was a great, totally packed trip and we were all exhausted on the way home.


Parc Asterix is supposed to be better than Disneyland.

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Not been to Disneyland Paris, the children have been to Florida with grandparents, but we have been to Parc Asterix


It was fantastic,


Will have to get Dan to post some pics.


We stayed at the Parc and had a really lovely log cabin


I think we were the only english people there

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Wow thanks for the replies.

This will be our main holiday for the year, & so we are splashing out & going for 5 nights 6 days :shock: Its with a deal so we get the last night & day free.

It may actually be a bit too long there, so we could fit a day trip to Paris in because of all the time we have.

i just love rides, & we are excited already.

It's been a bit of quick decision to book the holiday, as a couple of weeks ago I was diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy :cry:, that's why I have been off work sick, and so we were not planning on having a holiday next year. The holiday is a way of helping us feel better about things.

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So sorry to hear about your ectopic Jules :( I hope you are beginning to feel better now. Planning a holiday is definitely a good idea at a time like this! :D Haven't been to the Paris one, but we went to Florida a few years ago - well worth it, we had a fantastic time, you'll love it! 8)

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Sorry to hear your news Jules


You, your OH and the children will have a great time at Disney


I'm sure you can get the train into Paris from there. It's well worth a visit, loads of things to do, if a bit pricey for food etc


Best wishes

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