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Christmas Day Lunch

What are you cooking for Christmas Day Lunch?  

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  1. 1. What are you cooking for Christmas Day Lunch?

    • Traditional Turkey Roast
    • Other big hot meal from scratch (explain below)
    • Ready Meal
    • Going out to family/friends
    • Going out to Restaurant
    • Nothing Special
    • Other (explain below)

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So whats everyone having ?

We try to keep Christmas day for just the 2 of us.

We find Turkey a bit boring and too much.

Until last year, I had always done a full roast (beef, pork, whatever) with ALL the trimmings

But last year OH suggested we have an easy (but extravagant) lunch so we have a seafood platter scallops, large prawns, crab etc. It wa great, not too full and very little washing up.

Can't decide what to do this year yet - just wondered what everyone else does ?


As exam questions often say, discuss!!



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Just the 4 of us for christmas dinner and none of us are turkey fans.


OH is having steak

Natalie is having a Lamb chop

Jack is having free range chicken

I can't decide what to have yet, either Salmon or Chicken


I will buy a big free range chicken, cut some for Jack and maybe me then the rest we can have cold in sandwiches.


We are still having all the traditional trimmings. I will pass on the gravy if I decide to have Salmon :lol:


For pudding we usually have a Chocolate gateaux, cheesecake or trifle. I will make all three so they should last until boxing day.

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Free range organic cockerel, roast potatoes, parsnips, carrots, sprouts and Yorkies followed by Mincemeat Streusel Cake. I'll make the boys a steamed chocolate pudding as they don't like mincemeat. I'm cooking for the 4 of us, Mum, Dad and my brother. We're hoping to fit a visit to Jimmy's Farm before Christmas to get some of his bacon, sausages and black pudding for Christmas Day breakfast too - best we'd ever had last year :wink: .

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