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I had some friends staying last w.end and as a hostess gift they gave me an Amarylis in a box ready to plant, came with potting soil and a pot. I planted it last Monday and I have never seen such a fast growing plant :shock: It literally grows an inch a day :shock: Yet another reason for me to learn how to post pics. to this forum :oops: (top of my new resolutions list) :roll:



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Yes - I noticed them & forgot all about them once I'd seen them - I remember thinking gosh those are big onions! :oops: Until I saw the sign saying Amarylis. Wish I'd got one now, didn't realise they were fast growing.

I've got Hyacinths coming up in my window box things outside & mini iris too. Hope those will be ok in the cold!



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They are really stunning and fast growing flowers, I've often done them in the past. The flower will last for a few weeks as well. You can get them to flower again each year. From what I remember you have to let them die back, then stop watering and put them away somewhere dry and dark before potting them up again next autumn (In fact I'm sure I've still got a couple of bulbs hidden somewhere dark and dry in the shed :? ). Bit faffy, but worth it! :D

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