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Order early for Christmas - NEW UPDATE - 22nd December

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The saga of the wormery continues.


I want a wormery for Christmas, I've picked out the one I want and ordered it from Original Organics via Ebay (cos they sell em cheaper on Ebay than they do on their own site!). Despite it being a pressie I ordered it with worms rather than a worm voucher so I can have it up and running for Xmas day leftovers.


  • I ordered it on 5th December
    Just as I started to wonder where it had got to I got an email from them saying the courier (businesspost) can't find my house, can they have directions and contact numbers.
    I sent the requrired info together with an expression of concern about how long the worms were going to be in transit for.
    A weekend passed so I called the delivery people (having searched for AGES to find a geographical number for them).
    Delivery people say returned to Original Organics at their request.
    I call OO and they say - not at their request but has indeed been returned will resend on Monday expect delivery Tuesday.
    OO also say delivery co were foxed by the fact that its addressed to RDTC (all my ebay mail gets addressed that way its on my paypal account) and if they had known what RDTC stood for they would have found me no problem. I say thats amazing - it stands for Romford Drum & Trumpet Corps!
    I call Monday morning to check that it is going out and that they will leave on doorstep as "Ooops, word censored!"ody will be in on Tuesday and the delivery co is about 40 min drive away so I can't collect. All no problem.
    Get home today and still no wormery on doorstep - seething thinking I'll find a sorry we couldn't deliver card
    No card so I think they STILL can't find my house or operate a telephone to call the contact numbers I've given.
    Call OO again (who are fantastic on the phone!).
    Its been returned to them as damaged and another has gone out today, will be here tomorrow.
    Subject to the delivery company being able to find my house of course.


I'm wondering if I'll be feeding leftovers to the worms on Christmas day after all!

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That it is.


Oh they were looking at the other end of the service road where the industrial units are. Any map software clearly shows which end of the service road we are in - only 2 of the three houses have our postcode.




The only deceptive thing about that map is the distance from main road to the service road - its a grass verge away.

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If the worms dont make it can I eat your leftovers?


:lol: that made me laugh... I had been wondering if Penguin's chooks would be sulking at the thought of not getting the leftovers themselves... or maybe plotting to get to the worms...


I hope you get your wormery tomorrow Penguin... I have acquired one not long ago (well tried before but turned out to be a disaster, and trying again in a much more informed and wise way ... hopefully), and it's a wonderful thing to have... good luck with it!

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It is not a quick process as many websites would have you believe, that's true... and worms are sensitive to many things... right now for instance, unless a wormery is insulated or kept indoors, nothing much happens... I just really like the process of living creatures helping out with disposing of our leftovers and making a home in them.

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The chooks will get a share but ours don't like veggies! I've tried giving them all sorts but they just turn their beaks up


They like porrige (which the anti-chicken makes specially for them!), wet bread, mash (something else the anti-chicken has been known to make specially!) and their corn.


Tried greens, sultanas, grapes and everything but they jus don't want to know.

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We hardly have any food waste at all - there are no left overs after a meal, so it's just the peelings - they get shared between the hens and the worms. I suppose that our worms keep up with us as we don't have much waste.


They are pretty much dormant at the moment in this cold though.


Phil laughs at me when i go out ot feed them, because i talk to the worms... why on earth not?

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I'm sure we will talk to them too. The Anti-Chicken has already expressed concern over their welfare and whether or not they should live in the house whilst its cold...


I'm thinking in the summerhouse which has much thicker walls than the shed.


Oh hark at me with my summerhouse - I should really call it the giant junk repository where the mower lives!

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Yeah I'm gonna put it in the summerhouse, the shed is tiny and full to the gills. Fortunately it should be easy to move around using James Christmas present (the sack barrow!).

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The saga continues.


Yesterday they were told at orginal organice that "it is definately on the van and will be with you today"


No sign of it


Called OO first thing this morning they chased up Business Post to be told i"its definately on the van and will be with you today"


No sign of it when I got home


Just about to phone Business Post and give them a piece of my mind when there was a knock at the door.


One Wormery delivered by a kids who looked about 15!


Started to unpack it and thought to myself "isn't this supposed to have trays" when I realised




They have sent the Original wormery DELUXE kit rather than the Worm Works Deluxe wormery.


Called OO again and spoke to a woman who I think is now my friend!


They have arranged a swap over for Saturday. Asked about the worms and she said to keep them in a cold dark place like the shed so thats where they are.


I'll keep you all posted.

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To all those who talk to their worms, how about we call ourselves 'the worm whisperers'? 8)


It's a never ending thing isn't it Penguin...

Maybe for now 'worm screamer' would be more appropriate...


Sometimes one needs more patience than one should humanly have...

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