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broken bones

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last night i was settled in for a night of strictly when my phone went off at 9.20. it was paul. "can you come and open the front door, im on crutches" "what did you say?? crutches??" "yes come and open the front door, and let me in"


i went to open the front door and sure enough there he was on crutches with hid ankle in plaster.


what you need to know is that at 6.10 he went out to go to watch the ice hockey. si it went from going to watch the ice hockey to being on crutches in the space of 3 hours.


"what? why didnt you call me" i wanted know "what happened??" i asked.


this was the response "i got outside to the car and slipped, my ankle went over. i drove into town got out the car realised i couldnt walk so drove myself to the hospital. they x-rayed me and plastered me up and sent me home. i have a broken bone down the side of my foot"

"so this happned at the bottom of the garden and you didnt ring me to tel me, why?"


"you were watching strictly come dancing and i didnt want to disturb your viewing"


what can you say to that?????

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Aaaaw isn't he lovely.


If he'd called you then you would have felt obliged to drive him into town and sit in A&E till he was done.


How nice that instead you got to watch your show.

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talk about milking it!!!!! his mum came round yesterday to look after him, HE'S 37!


he went to the fracture clinic this morning and the huge cast is off, but he cant put any weight on it for while. 6 weeks and it should be ok by all accounts. lots of tubi grip and keep it elevated.


as for christmas, he can still peel the carrotts and spuds, whilst sat down!!!!


panthers won the hockey so he was pleased enough.

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