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Advice about quiet bantam breeds - Norfolk

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I have an Eglu go with a 2M run. I've been looking at chickens and have been advised that bantams is the way to go as they are smaller. They will be in the run as I have cats and neighbour has a dog that sometimes manages to get through hedge. 

I had Bantams a few years ago and sadly a neighbour complained due to the noise of a mother hen type bantam that really never stopped talking and screaching. She was much noisier than the hybrids that I had owned for six years previously. So I'm looking for a quiet breed that is not flighty. I've been thinking about Sablepoots and D'Uccles. Not too bothered about eggs.

I'd love to be able to drop in and see how noisy/quiet they really are but not many places allow you to do this.

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This question gets asked so often and I’m afraid I agree with Soapdragon. I don’t think there’s any such thing as a quiet breed as all individuals are different. But I would say definitely don’t get: pekins; campines; Dutch bantams; araucanas.

I’d also say that in my experience all the very lightweight small bantams including Sablepoots are VERY flighty - they’re built for it with large wings in ratio to body size.

However, due to the size of run you have I think you’re definitely doing the right thing going for bantams. 

I don’t really think it means anything but the quietest bantam I’ve had has been a Plymouth Rock.

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My Dutch bantams aren’t even that loud! So you see it’s down to the individual bird.

My most quiet bantams so far have been Barnevelders. But also my New Hampshire’s are quite relaxed.

I have come to the very personal conclusion I will never get wild type/partridge coloured birds again. The two I’ve had where absolutely horrible!

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I'd say that the heavy breeds are generally a lot less flighty than lightweight types, bit obvious really, but their very bulk makes them less inclined to fly all over the place.  In terms of quietness, there are no rules, although in my personal experience orpington bantams are pretty quiet.

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All of our pekin bantams have been quiet as adult but fairly noisy as chicks.  All chickens noisily announce their eggs and that’s normal. They also squeal when disturbed on the nest especially if broody.

Day to day ours simply clucked quietly and constantly.  Except our oddball called Duck whose cluck was more of a quack  

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