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First pics of our ex-batt girls

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Here are some piccies of our ex-batts who arrived today.

They are enjoying walking around my conservatory on the underfloor heating!


This is Tinsel, who thinks she is a cockerel and is currently crowing.




This is Ivy and Mistletoe




This is poor, baldy Bauble




And finally, this is Holly



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They're gorgeous girls Janty, and I just love the names, very festive :D:D

I hope that they settle down together well.

Tinsel has fabulous markings, glorious golden neck feathers 8) . I don't think that she can be a cockerel, at least I really hope not, but she's over a year old now and her comb is small, nor has she got spurs, and whilst battery housing would explain the lack of cockerel type plumage I don't think comb or spurs would be restricted by that housing, in fact usually battery hens develop bigger combs. I'm trying to be reassuring here............I hope to goodness that I'm right :wink:

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They are moving into a nice warm polytunnel tomorrow. The advice was to try to keep them indoors for at least the first night. We have no problem with this as the floor is very easy to clean so hubby suggested letting them have a run round and we would pack them safely into the cat baskets at about 9ish.


They are enjoying a good munch and a drink at the moment.

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Naughty Sporty introduced herself to them today through the chicken wire of their run. They were a bit feisty at first but she squarked a few times, jumped on top of the run for a while then jumped down and started scrabbing about in the soil next to them. They obviously thought that this looked like fun so they started doing the same. All except poor little baldy Bauble who just stands still all the time.She will soon get the hang of freedom, poor girl.

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