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Why Pepsi Is Bad For You

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Many years ago when I was at school, my science teacher used to tell us he left an extracted tooth in a glass of cola over the weekend and when he came to check on it on the following Monday, the tooth had dissolved :shock:


It cleans coins too.


I always thought that was true - I'm assuming it is? :? .


Don't like coke/pepsi anyway (except as a mixer with alcohol :wink: ).

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Should carry Govt Health Warning esp Diet Coke Pepsi Max due to the E211(sodium benzoate) content and its effects on a persons DNA causing cell damage- Scary stuff incl links to cancer&Parkinson's.

2008 tip- Avoid at all costs

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emu, the pics in your sig are a bit big....



I think your pics bigger and might I add.......................................




I think Fred is pointing out the photos which are part of your signature is a bit on the large side Emu - Fred's photo was a one-off to illustrate a point.


Could you make the second one a little smaller? or just use one?

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