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the whole lot are scary IMO but I do find the history of the monarchy fascinating. There was a fab docudrama by Steven Poliakoff (sp?) on the beeb a while ago called "The Lost Prince" about George V and Queen Mary's son, Prince John (or Johnnie as they called him).


I think the Royal family have tainted genes and they're all a bit odd, all that in-breeding.


Fabulous production though, if you ever get chance to see it.

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Egluntine, this is a family freindly forum, the image below is more suitable:


:lol: don't want to be scaring any young kids....


Very funny Fred.


Look at the reaction of the chap on the left. :shock::lol:


He looks like Mark Thatcher (another candidate for the title of 'What are they for?') and he appeasr to have his hand on her bum!


Isn't she the one who was mixing with some coke-head playboy?


She has gorgeous hair though.

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