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My Bump

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I've been wondering whether to post a picture of my pregnant self for a while, as the last thing I want to do is force the topic, when i know some people would rather not be involved in pregnancy and baby conversations.....and being a bit shy...


But then I thought I'll post it anyway, as I am rather proud of myself :oops: and it is looking a bit splendid if I may say so :oops::oops:


I'm 28 weeks now. Wonder how much bigger I am going to get.... :shock:




It's all getting a bit exciting too :)

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Gina you look absolutely beautiful and your bump looks wonderful. It will get considerably bigger, I'm sure you have read up on how quickly the baby grows in the last trimester! It's almost impossible to believe.


I loved being pregnant and kind of missed my bumps when they were gone :? but you do have the best form of distraction in a beautiful new baby. When my first one (Lizzy) arrived 17 days early I felt quiite cheated out of my last couple of weeks of pregnancy!


Make the most of this special time. I'm sure everyone will be happy to see and hear how you are progressing, and I, for one, will be very happy to hear about your birth story after the event. :?


I imagine you have really started something here. Be prepared for everybody's pregnancy and birth experiences to follow! :lol:

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Gina, you look like you are absolutely blooming, and although it doesn't seem possible - you will just keep expanding over the next couple of months!


Remember to enjoy the peace and quiet, and keep your feet up and enjoy the next few months - just wait till the nesting kicks in!

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What a bee-yewtiful bump Gina :D:D


You look really well :D


As for how much bigger you will get...I can only say :shock:


I look back at photos of me the day before I delivered my DS and I literally cannot believe that was me :? So make sure you keep taking photos - they are fab to look back on!



Cookie. xx

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I've starting to get more symptoms over the past two weeks.

Back ache is kicking in - my yoga helps with this and a gym ball, and i've got really thick ankles, very attractive. I wear my tights Nora Batty style to compliment the look! If I wear ankle socks I end up with really deep ridges in my skin :?:lol:


How much bigger can I get?!! :shock::shock:

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You look fab Gina, and yes it's brought back lovely memories for me. With my two pregnancies I (luckily) only put weight on the front. From behind you would never have guessed I was preganant, but turn round and boy, it was all there, all in front. I got really huge, and yes, you're going to get A LOT bigger. :shock::shock: I really did eat for two (sometimes three) and I loved it. I remember being so huge in front, that I couldn't bend down, so it was slip on shoes for many week. Remember panicking that I couldn't bend over to shave my legs. Had HORRIBLE visions of giving birth, with hairy gorilla legs. BIC did the trick in the end - I hasten to add!!!


Good luck with it all - and indulge yourself (while you can) with good books and relaxation.



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I had to have an emergency section when I had Caity, 3 weeks early - I was mortified because I hadn't shaved my legs for ages, so I was all bristley, and had hideous orange chipped nail varnish on my toes that my next door neighbours daughter had painted on about 3 weeks before. I couldn't reach my toes to take it off myself, and Chookiehubbie kept forgetting!


So take heed, Gina - always be prepared......!

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