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Carol U

1st Pic of New Girls!

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We all managed to survive the night. Fished the new girls out of the eglu this morning and put them back in their own run. No obvious bloodshed, although they were all a bit indignant. One of our old girls still making horrible noises, but the other almost friendly, as long as they know their place. We have just allowed them about 5 mins out together and only Rhoda (noisy one) actively aggressive. Decided to quit while we were ahead! Here is first picture in their temporary - and rather ramshackle run :


click here

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Considering they'd never seen plants before, they've found a taste for them remarkably quickly! I know they won't last, but it was the only suitable place to put a temporary enclosure that was near the eglu for night and morning transfers! One has to make sacrifices in this life. Mine was chard & kale!

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What beautiful girls. A very imaginative temporary run design. :wink:


I can't wait to get some more, despite the trauma (mainly for me) of introducing new girls. I definitely want an Araucana or a Cream Legbar (for coloured eggs) and some ex-batts.


Just need to persuade OH it's a good idea!

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