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Name Ideas Please

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Hi Peeps,


I have just got my girls today and I need some inspiration for there names please.


I have a lavender wyandotte, black wyandotte and a brown wyandotte. Please think of some good names for them, as my mind has gone a blank.


I will let you all know what I have decided on as soon as I know.


Best wishes Tara :D

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well, you could go for the chicken dinner theme: nugget, korma, jalfrezi


or the old lady theme: petunia, mabel, doris (no disrespect to anyone called these names - they are just examples :D )


or the random boys names :shock: eric, dave, george


or the TV theme (pick any favourite TV programme and place names here) I would have gone for Kryten, Rimmer, Lister, Cat, Hollie, Skutter, etc :D


either way, if they are anything like ours, they will never come for their name being called :?


happy new girls :D are there any photos yet????? (we like photos :D )




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Will try and do the pics tomorrow :shock:


I was thinking the TV theme as well, or the music theme, but can't think of any trio's that I like the names of.


Any advice on introducing cats would be a great help too. Not that there were really being introduced, as the cats just came in from the neighbours garden so the poor hens had no choice in the matter. It has already caused them a bit of a scare today and even though they are in a run they did go a bit mad and I'm worried they will hurt themselves in the panic :cry:

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The problem with choosing chocolate, biscuit or crisps names is that I'm on a diet and don't want to be reminded of what I'm missing out on :shock:


Then again I could choose fruit and veg names instead :lol:


Apple, pear and Banana sound good




Lettuce, carrot and tomato :D

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Erm trios (dont know much about you/generation etc but...)



Wynken, Blynken, Nod

Gold, Frankincence, Myrrh

Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria

beyonce, kelly, michelle

Sabrina, Jill and Kelly

Grace, Grace and Grace

Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos,

Nona, Morta and Decuma

Faith, Hope and Chastity

Aphrodite, Venus and Freyja


I could keep going :lol::lol:

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Grey - Liadain, Brown-Aderyn (bird) black- Branwen

Aglaia, Euphrosyne and Thalia

Agate, jasper and agate (the possibilties are endless)

Amber, moonstone and Onyx

Kathryn/Katherine/Catherine, Anne and Jane

Mary, Elizabeth and Victoria

holly, Ivy and Rowan

Swallow, Wildcat and Goblin

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Hi Tara,

Congratulations on the new arrivals and good to see another Berkshire lass on the forum.


Names - I think a spot of plagiarism is in order. The forum members on here have called their chickens some great names. So if inspiration alludes you, have a look at what others have done (I'm sure they wouldn't mind).


I had a huge list of about 30 or so names before my lot arrived. My children were here when they turned up and as the chickens were brought out by the Omlet delivery man, they were named on the spot by my children without reference to my list. Which is why we come to have the oh so unique "Henny". (But she's MY Henny and lovely really so it doesn't matter.)

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