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Tessa the Duchess

Big Garden Birdwatch

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I get the RSPB newsletter. This weekend is their national garden birdwatch.

If you want to join in all you have to do is...spend an hour watching the birds in your garden during the weekend of 26/27th January and keep a toll of the highest number of each bird species you spy in your garden over the hour.

Then go to www.rspb.org.uk/birdwatch and enter your results. Some of the birds on their list of possibles I haven't even heard of :oops: wouldn't know what a Dunnock was if it came and bit me on the bum :( Anyway it fits in nicely with watching the chooks freeranging, Oh...chickens don't count btw :)



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we hardly ever saw garden birds before we got the chooks, even though we have a bird table and put seed out for them etc. It was because of all the cats we used to get in our garden during the day. It was very upsetting as we're both big brid lovers.


The cats don't come anywhere near now during the day as they're scared of the girls! :D


Just been watching a couple of collared doves sitting on the fence, kissing each other, sweet!


We have a little robin who is a regular visitor now and a cple of great tits and several blackbirds.


oh and we get the occasional wren.


Thanks girls! ;)

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We have dunnocks, blackbirds, finches, bluetits, greattits, coal tits, robins, a woodpecker, goldfinches, and last spring we had a brambling which is not usual for up here, last week we had a starling at the nuts, and we have field fares too.


We have the garden watch form but like others - they seem to move away on that day!!!!!!!!!!

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We usually have a few dunnocks, as said above, they hop about under the shrubs and keep close to the fence. Ours are always in and out of the chicken run!


I did the birdwatch last year with the boys as we normally get loads of birds in the garden. They definitely all moved away that day! :?:roll:

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You've probably got Dunnocks in your garden all year round. We have. Pretty tweedy little birds - same size as a Robin or a Sparrow.




Have you read "Heart of the Valley" by Nigel Hinton? It's a year in the life of a female dunnock. Someone lent me the book and I felt obliged to read it, but found that I really enjoyed it. It includes what happens to other things around, including some humans, and has a wonderful description of the migration of a cuckoo.


I think you might enjoy it too Kate. Waterstones sells it. Also in Amazon

Marketplace and on Abebooks.

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I think I'll do the bird watch tomorrow morning. We get lots of birds in the garden including regular sightings of a heron, a woodpecker and flocks of parakeets. Parakeets seem to have completely taken over round here, they are one of our most common birds now.


Has anyone read "How to be a bad birdwatcher" by Simon Barnes. I really enjoy Simon Barnes writing.

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Has anyone read "How to be a bad birdwatcher" by Simon Barnes. I really enjoy Simon Barnes writing.


:lol: I got it for Christmas, it's very good! I am going to do the Birdwatch tomorrow, although today I looked out a few times - not a bird in sight! They must know it's the day.

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We've had a good time. :D

2 Blackbirds

1 Blue Tit

4 Chaffinches

13 Collared doves

12 House sparrows

1 Magpie

1 Robin

3 starlings

5 woodpigeons

1 Jackdaw and

1 Songthrush


I haven't included 8 chickens :lol: but there are lots of seeds on the birdtable.

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