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Strange behaviour - any advice greatly appreciated!

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Hi all, looking for some advice, and you have always been so helpful :)


One of my girls (27 weeks) keeps going off on her own in the garden in different places to hide. Normally our four girls follow each other around but today shes been hiding in the bushes and shrubs or going back to her nesting box. She also came into the house and tried to hide on one of the dining room chairs. I have never seen her act like this before as she is normally quite boistrous and cant bear to be without the others. The other poland is going frantic round the garden trying to find her, what should I do, do you think she is ok? Shes seems happy and is eating and drinking ok and I dont think she has been frightened by anything :?:


Do chickens have days when they just want to be on their own :!::?:

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:D I did wonder but then I thought I would have to wait until spring as it would be the first batch! She' s been scratching loads in the bush. Dont they lay eggs in the nesting box then where it is lovely and warm?


Sorry for sounding stupid, and thanks for the advice Liz :)



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Whoo hoo :D


Ours run up and down the side of the run looking agitated when they are ready to lay, I think that they are checking that things are safe before they go into the nest box.


We are lucky that if ours are out they come back to the nest box to lay , but this may be because we only have a small garden. When I was little and we had bantam crosses they used to lay everywhere and we would sometimes find an abandoned clutch of eggs when we were gardening.


It is worth keeping an eye on where she is laying.


Finding eggs does not lose it's excitement :D

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Great news about Holly and same question as Carol U - where did she lay it?

Betty laid her first egg in the corner by the garage door and her second in the washing up bowl in the outside sink! She is now being a good girl and laying in the nest box.

How are you going to eat it???


Lisa :D:D:D

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She laid it on a towel on the dining room chair...... am hoping this isn't going to be the start of something :!: It was just lucky that I was off work yesterday to watch it!


I was so excited about it I phoned everyone, its just a shame my parents and friends didn't find it quite as exciting as I did :?:!:


She has been following Anthony around the garden today and keeps coming to the back door again to be let in but I havent done so far so will keep an eye out in the bushes later.


Needless to say I was chuffed to pieces :D Did everyone else feel like this :?: and did you want to eat it or frame it :?:

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I read this last night and now can understand it very well!


Isabella laid her first egg today, and she was VERY vocal for about ten minutes or so beforehand. I was getting worried there was something wrong, till she dissappeared into the eglu for another 10 minutes, and once again came out with a loud 'bok bok baaaark' to proudly announce she had laid an egg!


And yes i did the egg dance ha :D We only got her yesterday and i never expected her to lay so soon!


Im wondering if thats her 'thing' to make a big fuus just before an after she lays an egg :D


Catherine x

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Ha ha that was going to be my question - what is the egg dance?- now I know :lol::lol::lol:



Anthony ate the egg this morning for breakfast and he said it was yum, I have a picture but dont know how to attach, watch this space.......


Get a photobucket or flickr account and follow their instructions.


Dead easy. :lol:

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