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Karen & co.

H.O.C.K or P.O.C.K!!

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I dropped my OH and a friend off in Nantwich earlier this evening for a beer and curry night :roll:


They were muttering away in the back of the car, like school boys :roll: before they even reached the pub, and decided that they were going to form a society called The Husbands of Chicken Keepers or HOCK for short, and to include other combinations of chicken keepers, POCK standing for Partners of Chicken Keepers :lol:


Before they even made it into town, they had planned the AGM, regular meetings and occasional HOCK and POCK ball :roll::lol:


Think I may wait up for them with my Mrs Tweedie apron on and wave a rolling pin at them :wink:


Karen x

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Karen im worried about your OH! :?


He was talking like this BEFORE he had been to the pub?!!! :shock::shock::shock:





I know :roll: he actually has more to do with them during the week than I do, as he pops home at lunch time most days, just to check up on them :lol:


At week ends, if he's not visable he's outside with a cup of tea talking to them :wink:


Karen x

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